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“SHADOW & LIGHT” — Collaboration with Amy Tenney & Natalie Postl

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Use our Simple Notebooks for note-taking, journaling, brainstorming, sketching, tracking, organizing, documenting … whatever you want! The 6” x 8” size is ideal and convenient, most pens slide right into the coil, and the paper quality is top-notch. Notebook contains 80 pages and features a white wire-o binding. Inside page paper weight is 60# opaque text. Cover is a heavyweight (250#) coated cover paper. Proudly produced in the USA.


I’ve enjoyed friendships with both Amy Tenney & Natalie Postl for several years. They both have a passion for wellness, and they inspire me and so many others through their social media sharing, podcasting, courses, and in-person services. In fact, they’ve both been on our own podcast a couple times each — Cultivate a Good Life. I wanted to create this notebook in their honor. We are grateful to Aimée Lowry who created the design with a message that is near & dear to their hearts — Honor the shadow; live in the light.

They expand on the message: “The connection to sun, moon, and stars is a source of comfort and symbolism to me. I want to be a WHOLE self, a complete person with learning and experience, compassion and understanding. My shadow parts hurt. They are filled with inadequacy, loss, grief, embarrassment, and turmoil — but through these very things, I have had some of the most profound relationships. I’ve learned SO much through my shadow parts and experiences that I cannot wish them away.

And also, I’m a being of light, of joy, of radiance, of goodness. The light in me and in each of us is from our Heavenly Parents as an integral part of who we are. So I choose light, and I choose to connect to sources of light and truth. I don’t deny the shadow parts of myself. They inform my understanding of the world and others and help me to be more compassionate. Sometimes my shadow parts are ugly; they show me things I haven’t worked through yet, and I honor that. And I live in the light. I reach for it daily. I see it in nature, in family relationships, in scripture and prayer, in friendship, and in the goodness of others.”

You can follow both Amy & Natalie on Instagram — @amytenneyyoga & @thrivefamilywellnessaz

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